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  God's Word For You  

Pastor’s Ponderings
1 Timothy 2:1; “First of all, I encourage you to make petitions,  prayers,  intercessions and prayers of thanks for all people”
Probably the greatest gift that God's gives to his people is the gift of prayer.  Regardless of your age, you can pray. God hears all prayers, whether you are the richest person or the poorest person, the most educated or the least educated, it doesn't matter - God hears you!  You can pray for someone in your house or for someone who is half a world away.  It can be your best friend or someone whom you have never met.  The wonderful thing about prayer is that it is between you and God; the people that you pray for are the beneficiaries of your prayers.  Prayer is about the ongoing dialog with God; it is the life-sustaining rhythm of God speaking to us and we to Him.  
Sometimes people wonder, how should I pray?  We memorize the Lord’s Prayer and use that prayer.  Some of us use the acrostic, ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication), but those are sometimes hard words to remember even if we remember the word ACTS.  
I recently read of another tool to help those who are not sure how to pray. You may find it easier than some other tools because you carry it around with you all the time.  It is called the “hand prayer” or others call it the “five finger prayer.”  The thumb is the closest to your heart so you first pray for those closest to you: family members, friends, co-workers, etc.  We pray for their safety and health and that God would keep them in faith.
The next finger is the “pointer” finger.  Here we pray for those who point the way to Christ for us.  Here we pray for teachers, preachers, missionaries.  This is also where we pray for the right and proper use of God's Word and the expansion of the Church.
The next finger is the longest – the tallest, if you 
will.  Here we pray for our leaders, the president, governor, judges and legislators.  We would also add 
community leaders, police, firemen and our armed forces personnel.
The next finger, the ring finger, is the weakest of the fingers on your hand.  So here we pray for the weakest ones.  We pray for the sick, the homeless, those who have suffered a great loss like the death of a family member or those who had a disaster like a hurricane or tornado.  We pray for little children who are abandoned or abused.  We pray for broken families and the pain that is there.
The last finger is the pinkie finger.  It is the smallest so this is where we pray for our own needs and wants.  It is the last and the least because we are to put others ahead of ourselves.
This is a simple way to pray.  You can teach it to your children and/or grandchildren.  It is not fancy but that is the point.  God doesn't want fancy; he wants you, just as you are.  He wants you to come to him in prayer.  He wants you to pray for others as part of the ongoing holy conversation that He wants us to engage in with Him.  
I realize some of you don’t need a guide to carry on a conversation with God in prayer.  But, if you need a guide, this is one way to approach Him. Whether it is your own free flowing format, the Lord’s Prayer, ACTS or hand prayer, whatever you use will keep you in connection with God, and He desires that of all of us.  I will pray that the use of these tools will help you come closer to Him this summer.

Pastor Guynn
(July/August 2018)

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