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  God's Word For You  
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A Matter Of Time Or Of Priorities?


At one point or another, we have all said “I just can't do that, I’d like to, but I just don't have time”
And while it’s true that we cannot possibly do all the things we would like to do or that others would like us to do, we do manage to do those things that are the most important to us.  So, the fact is that what we do and what we don’t do is a lot more a matter of priorities than of time.
The problem is that our priorities can easily get mixed up and out of whack.  Like the college student who complained all weekend about not having enough time to write a paper that was due on Monday, but who managed to catch four football games on TV over that weekend. Or the parent who commits to spending family time every weekend, but ends up spending them on their laptop catching up on work, while their children watch TV or play games on their I-Pads. Or the mechanic, who built a monster four-by-four in his garage in his spare time and now competes in truck pulls all over the country, but who says he can’t make it to church on Sunday because he just doesn’t have the time.
So, how do we keep our priorities straight?  How do we determine what really matters, what we really must fit into our schedule? There are hundreds of books and articles and systems to help you with time management, but you probably don’t have time to read them or use them anyway. Besides, they won’t give you what you really need to get your priorities in order- a fundamental adjustment in your attitudes about time. And that starts with asking the right question, which isn’t "How should I manage my time?", but "Whose time am I managing?" That's the same as asking, "Who gives me my life?  Who put me here?  Who decides how long I will be here, and when I'll leave?" 
And the Bible's answer couldn't be clearer.  Our time comes from God. He gives us our life. He puts us here. He decides how long we’ll be here and when we’ll leave. Every new day is a gift from Him, which He gives us for a reason: He wants us to have one more chance to get to know him and the boundless, amazing love he's given us in his Son, Jesus Christ. God gives you a lifetime—short or long—to grow in that knowledge, and to let it show in a life of praise and service.
So, take a long hard look at your priorities and commit yourself to setting aside some of that time God has given you for Jesus, who died to remove your sins and guilt, and, on Easter Morning, rose to give you the certainty of heaven!   What is the most important thing you can do in any given day, especially on Sunday?  That is!  Believe it!

In His Service,

Pastor O'Dea
August/September 2017

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